Looking for a First-Class Business Plan Consultant?



Assist technology based companies to raise user experiences through AI and customer service best practices and to enhance productivity through Lean and Agile methodologies.


Support growing manufacturing companies to establish enterprise organizational structure, strengthen HR and training, enhance financial planning, expedite the productivities, eliminate waste and reduce costs.

Emerging Startups

Help emerging startups to enhance the sales, financial and organizational situation through a combination of technical, expertise, marketing and commercial advisory services.

Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Strengthen the internal and customer facing processes through various approaches and tools including Lean, Agile, 6 Sigma and Business Process Reengineering.

Banking & Financial

Provide services from technical enhancement to multi millions sales lead generation for banking, insurance and financial companies.


Offer a wing to wing online and offline marketing and sales support from strategy setting, team building, operation running in order to reaching sales target.

We help our clients to enhance their financial ground
for the business growth.

Competitive Edges

Our consultants have decades of experiences in practising solutions for different clients in various industries.  We have been helping hundreds of clients from emerging startups to regional enterprises.

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We have solid practices in helping our clients to sell various products and services to over millions of customers.  Our O2O methodology assists company to generate new members, sales leads and turnovers.

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We helps hundreds of companies to setup their business growth plan and get the necessarily funding to support the plan.  Successful cases including emerging startups, pre-IPO companies and regional enterprises.

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