Transform Advisory Group

Sales Generation

Transform Advisory Group helps enterprises to build sales channel and generate sales in the region.  We use latest approaches, technologies and tools to build the most optimal strategy for our clients in the market.

TransformAG works with our clients to turn strategic plans into KPI orientated deployment.  We recommend solution from a few immediately proven practices from similar cases to maximize our client revenue.

Transform Advisory Group brings true revenue to our clients with sales channel building, membership enrollment, value-added sales generation, social marketing and other approaches and tools.

Service Offerings

We provides consultancies and execution services to enterprises and fast growing emerging companies to enhance their sales volumes :

  • Develop Sales Strategy
  • Build Sales Channels
  • Enroll New Members
  • Design Value Added Sales Tactics
  • Generate Sales from New Customers

Beyond business plan

TransformAG experts have years of experiences in senior management, sales and productivity enhancement.  We provide a fair estimation based on factual figures from similar cases so our clients can have a clearer picture of the future business.

We have over billions of big data which can help our clients to get the best analytic results.  These market data would allow the management team to make the immediate decisions for sales.

Our experts with years of practical experiences in online, offline, membership management and social marketing.  We help our clients to leverage the most suitable approaches and practices in the market in order to reach the sales target.

how can we help you?

Contact us at our Transform Advisory Group office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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