Transform Advisory Group


Digitization lowers entry barriers and further promote globalization, result in a spiral of competition and commoditization.  Traditional enterprises face challenges from emerging startups and need advises & solutions to overcome these commercial threats.

Transform Advisory Group helps our clients develop a comprehensive digital strategy and redesign their business and operating models.  The ultimate goal is to deploy solutions in order to enhance the competitiveness and productivity of the company.

Transform Advisory Group helps companies align IT strategies with business priorities through innovation and advanced practices. We enable creation of new business opportunities, enhance productivity and promote growth.

Service Offerings

We provides various consultancies and solutions to enterprises to enhance productivity and competitiveness :

  • Migrate Legacy Systems
  • Establish New Digital Platforms
  • Create & Manage Online Channels
  • Enhance Change Management
  • Cut Cost & Enhance Productivity

Beyond business plan

Elimate waste and improve cycle time before digitization will further enhance the company competitiveness.  Our consultants help companies to design the best strategy in digital projects.

TransformAG experts advise our clients for the setup of the online digital channels and ongoing management.  This is critical for sales generation and brand building.

Transform Advisory Group has various professional partners in business process outsourcing.  We help our clients to manage the non core operations so as to let them to focus and do their job better.

how can we help you?

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