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Big Data Solutions

Big data analytics enables our clients to get additional insights beyond the traditional reports.  It helps the management to make future decision with the latest trends and market information rather than out-dated results.

Transform Advisory Group has various sources of big data and has practices in transforming the analytics to positive business results.  We assist our clients to understand the social, political, economic and environmental factors that impact business and influence their businesses.

Transform Advisory Group helps companies utilize big data to their business advantage through latest approaches and advanced practices. We enable them to elevate enterprise level decision making effectiveness.

Service Offerings

We provides various consultancies to enterprises and fast growing emerging companies to get solid results from big data analytics :

  • Data Management, Migration & Integration
  • Big Data Supply Chain Management
  • Data Discovery
  • Latest Business Intelligence

Beyond business plan

TransformAG helps our clients to enroll multi-millions of members with big data, online and offline tools.  Some of our clients get their major income through our membership management system.

TransformAG has partnership relationship with various big data sources in the region.  We helps our clients to get broader and bigger data compared to their competitors.

TransformAG experts helps our clients to transform big data analytics into actual sales figures through various online and offline selling tools.

how can we help you?

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